A clock loses 2 minutes every 6 hours. At 3:00 pm, the clock is set to the correct time and allowed to run without interference. What integer would describe the time loss after exactly 3 days? What would the clock read at 3:00 pm three days latee

Accepted Solution

Answer:24 minutes, 2:36 pmStep-by-step explanation:As working with hours is difficult because it does not use decimal system, lets work with minutes, not hours. So, the clock is set to work normal at 3:00 pm and we need to get the minutes lost three days after. We know that, as 1 day has 24 hs, 3 days have 72 hours. Then, as our clock loses 2m after every 6 hs, we need to see how many 6hs are there in 72 hs. We do this bt dividing 72 by 6:72/6 = 12So, in 72 hours we will have 12 periods of 6hs. As our clock loses 2m after every 6 hs, in 3 days we will lose 2m 12 times. This is:12 * 2 = 24The clock loses 24 minutes.Now we need to see the time it will read. If there were no problems, the clock should read 3:00 pm after 3 days (72hs). But, as it lost 24 minutes, it will read 2:36 pm, it is, 24 minutes before 3:00 pm.